Individual Career and Business Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed or not sure what to do next? Coming from a creative background, I know the feeling of having too many ideas and not knowing where to start. I’ve been there, I know the tools that work for me, and I’ve spent the past few years studying theories and working with creatives to learn other techniques that will help you to prioritise, focus, and spend more time doing what makes you happy.

I use the ACT framework (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to support my coaching, and will work with you to identify your values and purpose, before we create a plan of action or decide on your next steps (which may include what not to do, or what to leave behind). My approach is very practical, and we’ll use lots of exercises to help you to decide what you’re going to do next and how.

If you’re running a business, you probably spend a lot of time on and off the clock thinking about it. While being driven and ambitious is a great trait, it can mean you’re so invested in what you’re doing that you take it personally when things so wrong. Some people will be lucky and only encounter success, but for most of us things will go wrong, and it’s important to not see this as a personal failure. I’ll help you to refocus your thinking, so you can keep living according to your values, and not trying to run away from things that upset you.

Coaching is about you identifying the solutions that will work best in your situation. You’ll do most of the talking, and I’ll be asking questions, reflecting back, and introducing tools and techniques to help you.

However, if it’s useful I can also offer more of a mentoring approach. I can offer advice, guidance, and feedback on the following areas: product development, wholesale, print design, range building, freelancing, and creative business start-ups.

£120 for a 90 minute coaching session.

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Workshops, Talks and Guest Lectures

I’ve worked with numerous UK universities and business support organisations to deliver one-off workshops, entire courses, and everything in between. My teaching style focuses on doing and experimenting - trying things out and making mistakes, using the power of the group to analyse and share knowledge, and includes time for personal reflection and ‘deliberate practice’.

My favourite subjects to cover include action learning sets, peer coaching training, career options for creative graduates, working with retailers, pricing strategies, market research, and creative business planning.

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